what qualifications do you need to work with research chemicals

To deal with special things you must know and have full knowledge about them. This is why a related degree in that field is required. For instance, to work on machines you need to have a degree related to engineering. Similarly, if you want to work with research chemicals, you must have an educational background which qualifies you to be person who can work with chemical substances.

Qualification that you need to have:

Everyone who steps into the field of science has gone through his high school and is ready to enter the real world of professional education. To be able to deal with chemical substances, you need to have any of the following degree or have done the following courses:

· Studied pharmacy in detail to become a chemist or pharmacist who has enough knowledge to do experimental work. The degree that covers this area is Pharm.D, a course of four years.

· Those who have done M.B.B.S and are still doing their M.Phil or PhD, are also capable of working with chemical substances.

· Any person who has a master’s degree in the subject of Chemistry or other related subjects can work with chemical substances as he/she knows about them and is aware of the research process.